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Welcome to Coding Interview

Learn how to solve coding interview algorithms and data structures. Develop a unique perspective that will set you apart by using JavaScript 🪄



Knowledge of JavaScript core is useful. But, don't worry if you are a bit shaky on those concepts, or just want a refresher, we already have an excellent course on Professional JavaScript - The programming language.


Why this course

Even with the advent of AI, presenting people with coding challenges has persisted. Coding challenges are the established common pattern to detect programming competency. Here we cover popular questions, algorithms and data structures, to give you a nice refresher and establish ways of thinking and speech, so you can jump in to your interview with confidence 🧠

And this course is always something you can watch again and again. In fact this is what I've even done myself before certain interviews in the past (Canva, Atlassian, Google) while of course increasing the speed / scrubbing. Best of luck! 🫰🏻